Passionate for the Gospel

As a church we are passionate about the Gospel going out to the people of Perth, Australia, so we have set up the Gospel Future Fund.

This fund is for both WPC Bull Creek and our daughter church Vic Park Presbyterian


So... what is it?

The Gospel Future Fund is used to directly support our Apprentices and Bible College Students to enable them to be trained up for gospel ministry.


How much do we need? 

We have FIVE future gospel workers to fund in 2022, so we need to raise $134,000!
A big ask... but with your help, we believe it is possible. So would you consider partnering with us in the Gospel?


How are we doing so far?



Is my donation tax deductible?

Absolutely! We have teamed up with Ministry Training Strategy and Equipping For Service so the all gospel Future Fund Donations are tax deductible, which, you've got to agree is "good news" all round.


How do I give?

Just click on the donate button to notify us of your donation pledge... and don't forget to set up your payment via your online bank.