Bible Resources for Adults

There are many ways to run a quiet time.  Some simply read through books of the Bible at a predetermined pace.  Others follow a published Bible reading plan that covers the whole Bible in a year.  There are Bibles you can purchase that are set up to be read in a year.  Others choose to work deeply on selected Bible books using a good commentary alongside.  Many people purchase bible reading notes that give a passage each day and some basic commentary that is quick and easy to read.

Here are some worth-while resources:

For the Love of God

This comes in 2 volumes and gives a plan to read the Bible through in one year.  It includes comments by respected Bible teacher, Don Carson.  These books are available at Koorong for $24.99 each.  Expensive, but sets you up for life.

You can also go to where you can sign up for daily readings that come to you electronically.  This follows the same pattern as the books and is free.




Explore (Printed Notes or an App)

You can purchase printed explore notes here  from the Good Book Company  $7.99 will give you 3 months’ worth.

Alternatively you can download the Explore app onto your device and purchase monthly downloads of daily notes.



“For You” Series

These are for those who would like to focus on a Bible book in their daily readings.  They are light commentaries designed for quiet times.  You can purchase them for around $17.99 each in print form or as an eBook for around $12.99.  They are available at under the ‘Daily Readings’ tab.  They are also available at Koorong.




Ligonier Ministries

Christian discipleship resources from Ligonier Ministries, the teaching fellowship of Dr. R.C. Sproul. Thousands of resources, all committed to the historic Christian faith and the creedal consensus of the Reformation, from R.C. Sproul, Alistair Begg, Sinclair Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, Stephen Nichols, John Piper, and many others.

Download a bible reading plan here
Download the app here



I enjoy listening to the Bible read on early morning walks.  You can listen if you spend lots of time in your car.  A great resource is the whole Bible read by David Suchet (“Poirot” actor).  They are available at Koorong.  I have put the MP3 files on my phone.




Cultivate a habit of listening to the Bible. A new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart.

Dwell is the new audio Bible app seeking to transform the way you experience Scripture. Visit for 33% off an annual subscription.




Kerry and I have found that an audio Bible has helped our children.  Get them to bed a little earlier and let them settle down with the Bible read aloud.  We are amazed at the Bible knowledge that has developed through this.  A helpful app or online source is where you can access free audio of the Bible in many languages.  The ESV dramatized version is a great resource.


The Gospel: One Chapter At A Time is a free resource from Paul Tripp. Paul summarizes each book of Scripture in a brief video segment and reveals how it points back to Jesus Christ. Each video and a transcript of episodes can be downloaded to view and read later. This resource is a useful tool to use individually, with a friend or with your family.

Here is a link to the first in the series: where Paul looks briefly at Isaiah 55:10-13 to answer the question “Why do we need the Bible in our lives?”


Simply Put: A Podcast That Explains Theology in Simple Terms. Have you ever wished that someone would explain theology in a way that doesn’t require a degree or a dictionary? From imputation to justification, theophany to theodicy, keeping all these concepts straight can be a challenge for any believer.

These short podcasts explain challenging theological words e.g. Original Sin, Sanctification, Justification, Imputed Righteousness etc. Here is a link to the first in the series on “Original Sin”


Bible Resources for Children

It is wise to help our children develop a commitment to a regular “quiet time” because this will form a critical life pattern.  The following resources are helpful.


XTB (eXplore The Bible)

This series is designed for children aged 7-10 years old.  It is colourful and uses puzzles and other creative methods to spark thinking about the Bible.






Discover is for 11-13 year olds and comes as a quarterly publication.









This is for 14-18 year olds.  As well as helping teens grapple with the Bible it includes articles on issues, tackles tricky questions and tells true life stories.    






Table Talk

Table Talk is designed to link with XTB and is for family Bible reading.  It is a great way to reinforce and discuss what your younger children have been reading in their personal quiet time.

All the above are available at under the “Daily Bible Reading” tab.  They are also available at Koorong.





The Big Picture Story Bible

This is a good resource for younger children.  As you read through it with them it gives an understanding of how the Bible fits together.  This is available at Koorong.






Window on the World

This is a wonderful help in guiding prayer for world mission.  Information on the peoples of the world and the extent of Gospel witness informs prayers and develops a heart for the lost.

May all the children of our church be filled with delight in the Lord and His word.






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