Craig Newill

Lead Pastor - English Congregation
Craig (from Cape Town, South Africa) has been at WBCBC since January 2010. He is married to Kerry and they have three children. After completing a BA in English and History, and then a stint in the Navy, he trained for ministry at George Whitefield College (GWC) in Cape Town. Kerry is also a graduate of GWC. When there is time Craig enjoys cycling and the challenge of DIY projects. He has come to enjoy AFL and barracks for the West Coast Eagles. Besides hanging out with Kerry and the kids he loves nothing more than explaining the Bible and teaching others to do the same.

Mark Vivian

Senior Associate Pastor - English Congregation
Mark spent most of his early life in Florida and met his lovely wife, Shelly at Columbia International University. Mark and Shelly were married in 1990 and they have 3 children: Kyle, Tyler and Aynsley. Mark received his M.Div from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1997. He served as Youth Pastor in a church in Lancaster County from 1998 to 2002. Mark and his family left the USA and moved to Perth in January 2003 so Mark could take up the position of Associate Pastor. Mark enjoys teaching others and helping them to understand the Bible. Digging into God’s Word to get a better grasp of who God is so we can glorify and enjoy Him is Mark’s passion.

Dirk Soet

Pastor to Seniors
Dirk is an elder at WPC Bull Creek and pastor to the seniors. Dirk and his wife, Sue, serve the Lord by ministering to seniors in the church through visitation and organising a 60+ men’s group and seniors’ morning teas or lunches. Sue and Dirk have 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Dirk enjoys gardening, baking, walking, spending time with family and holidays.

Josh van der Kooij

Associate Pastor - English Congregation
Josh grew up at Bull Creek, and became convinced of his need for Jesus as a young adult. After working in IT for a few years, he completed a ministry apprenticeship and then three years of theological study, and he is now continuing by the grace of God as an associate pastor. Josh is married to the lovely Carolyn and has a daughter, Mary. He enjoys all things basketball, listening to podcasts, and trips to the beach.

Katherine Ollis

Women's Ministry Trainer
After studying public health, and working in health education and youth work, Katherine trained for ministry at Trinity Theological College, and started attending Bull Creek in 2016. As a women’s ministry trainer, Katherine’s focus is on reading the bible one-to-one, and leading women’s and young adults’ bible studies. She loves spending time catching up with ladies to read God’s word to us, and discuss what it means for our lives. Katherine also loves travelling, learning about different cultures, and spending time with friends, family and her cute little nephews!

Michael Dean-Smith

Ministry Intern
After working as a professional session drummer in both Australia and England for most of his 20’s, Michael became convinced of his need for Jesus when someone told him the gospel. He gave up the rock n’ roll dream to tell others of the hope of the gospel, working for some years as an evangelist. Michael has trained at Trinity Theological College and has a passion for the lost to be found, and for disciples of Jesus Christ to be made. He is married to Haylee and they have two children, Bethany and Jacob.

Charles Roennfeldt

Ministry Apprentice
After attending a Christian youth group in 2016, Charles increasingly grew in his love for God and desire to know Him. He began theological studies in 2017, first at a Pentecostal ministry school, then at theologically liberal colleges. Having been convicted of the truth of Reformed theology, finding delight in who God is, he eventually found Trinity Theological College in 2020. He has recently completed his studies through the Australian College of Theology, finishing at Trinity. He is married to Taylor, and enjoys diving into the richness of God’s word, playing guitar, exploring new places and hanging out with friends and family.

Lesley Chang

Church Administrator
Lesley joined the Administration team in February 2013. She was born in Northern Ireland and arrived in Australia in 1989. She has worked in accounting roles for a variety of companies in Perth and overseas. Lesley is married to Philip and has 2 children. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, crafts, supporting the West Coast Eagles, and experimenting with new recipes.

Kate Baker

Church Administrator
Kate joined the Administration team in September 2017. She was born in the UK and arrived in Australia in 2008. Kate is married to Pete and has 3 children. Kate loves singing, walking the dog, going out for coffee, & op-shopping.


Admin Assistant
Shirley first moved to Perth in 1993 and started to attend WPC Bull Creek that year. Before starting to work here, Shirley worked as a Graphic Designer for many years. She has lived in both Perth and Melbourne and now works full time as part of the Administration team at WPCBC. She loves working in a Church and thinks it is amazing to be able to serve God in her daily work together with the family of believers.


Paulus Surya

Lead Pastor - Indonesian Congregation
Paulus and his wife, Lidia, were called to come to Perth on 17th of May 1995 and served the congregation in the Indonesian language. On March 17th, 1996, Paulus officially became pastor of the Indonesian speaking congregation of WPC Bull Creek. Paulus and Lidia have two children, Phoebe and Moses. Paulus has a deep desire to spread the gospel and to see the congregation grow on the foundation of God's Word. In his spare time, Paulus loves to read good books and play chess!!!

Erick Kartawijaya

Associate Pastor - Indonesian Congregation
Erick and Lily were married in 1985. In 1998, they moved from Jakarta to Perth with their children (Eka, Arnan, Triaji), and joined the congregation of WPC Bull Creek. After working fly-in fly-out for over 3 years, Erick has lived permanently in Perth since August 2002. After completing his Master of Divinity at Trinity Theological College, he was called to serve full time at WPCBC Bull Creek, primarily focussing on the Indonesian language ministry. He was ordained as a teaching elder on October 28th, 2012. Erick’s primary responsibilities are to teach God's Word, evangelize and disciple people in following Jesus in a variety of age and family groups.

Efendi Namdin

Ministry Intern
Efendi came to Perth in 1997 and he has worshiped at WPC Bull Creek since then. He is married to Katherine, and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Prisca. Efendi was a Chartered Electrical Engineer and worked in the Engineering field for more than 15 years. He recently completed Master of Divinity and is now serving as a Pastoral Intern to the Indonesian congregation. It is his desire to share and teach the gospel to others so that they may trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior. At home, Efendi enjoys gardening, DIY work, cooking and playing with the kids.

Victoria Park Church Plant

Matt Dodd

Associate Pastor - English Congregation
Matt is an Associate Pastor at WPCBC. Matt’s love for Jesus led to him giving up his work as an accountant to get involved in church stuff full-time. Matt loves many things more than life itself: God, the Gospel, his wife Amanda and his daughters Abigail, Jemimah and Elizabeth. Matt loves good coffee, tickle fights and great crime dramas, a little less than life itself, but still quite a lot.

Bryce Teo

Ministry Apprentice (MTS)
Bryce likes rice and lots of spice (mainly chilli). He has a passion for all sports (especially tennis, AFL and athletics) and will gladly watch/coach/play anything! Bryce has put his love for teaching on an indefinite hold to take up the opportunity to be a ministry apprentice, in the hope of uncovering skills and growing in godliness to better serve those around him. He has been transformed to live for Jesus and wants to make the most of every opportunity to share the good news of the gospel with anyone and everyone.

Scott Howard

Ministry Intern
Scott loves his wife Kate and their three cute children, Lachlan, Phoebe and Nicholas. Scott loves reading and learning and so has really enjoyed his time at Trinity Theological College. Scott and Kate’s goal is to serve Jesus faithfully each year, and so though their goal is to try to serve him overseas they are excited and content to now be proclaiming Jesus and his Gospel at Vic Park Presbyterian. Most of all Scott loves Jesus, who saved him, and he wants to know him more and more!