Safe Ministry at WPC Bull Creek

At WPC Bull Creek we are concerned about the safety of all participants and leaders of our ministries, in particular those that involve children and other vulnerable people.  We are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone.  Our Safe Ministry Policy is reviewed and updated by Session annually to ensure we are keeping up to date with government legislation changes and best practices.

Screening of Leaders

All leaders that have responsibility for children and other vulnerable people are carefully screened before appointment.  The screening process includes:

  • Interview with Ministry Leader about their background and previous experience
  • Contact with 2 referees
  • Approval by Session

Leaders and volunteers are required to undertake annual online training and screening from Safe Ministry Check. Safe Ministry Check has been developed in partnership with Ansvar Risk Insurance and is used by churches across Australia.




Working With Children Cards

All our leaders who are involved with children’s ministry undergo compulsory screening through the WA Goverment’s Working with Children Check. We do not allow our leaders to serve in our children’s ministries unless they have a valid WA Working with Children Card.

The Working with Children  Check aims to protect children by:

  • deterring people from applying to work with children where they have a relevant charge or conviction on their criminal record that indicates they may harm a child;
  • detecting new charges and convictions of those people who hold a current WWC Card and preventing them from continuing to engage in child-related work where their criminal record and behaviour indicates they may harm a child; and
  • protecting children by creating awareness that child safety is a whole of community responsibility