It can be daunting… 

…walking into a church for the first time. We hope this page will help…


  • Our building is situated on the corner of Bull Creek Drive and Fyfe Circle.  Parking is accessed from Fyfe Circle or you can park on the verge in Gleddon Road.
  • If you are new to us, please go to the Welcome table in the foyer, where you will be welcomed and given a name tag.


  • There is no dress code.  People just wear what is comfortable.  You will see a range from shorts to shirt-and-tie.

What we do in our services

  • We have readings from the Bible
  • We sing 3 or 4 songs together – both traditional hymns and modern songs
  • Prayers are said by a leader from the front
  • Church news / announcements are given
  • Sometimes we have a special item such as a children’s talk, a visitor sharing about mission work or any story or news that is an encouragement to everyone.
  • A large part of the service is a Bible talk from one of the pastors
  • Once a month we have communion together:
      • Morning Service – the first Sunday of every month
      • Evening Service – the second Sunday of every month


Many families with children attend Bull Creek. For children under the age of 4 there are crèche and cry-room facilities. For children from Kindergarten to Year 6 there is a Bull Creek Kids (“BCK”) program that all are welcomed to attend. The BCK program is run during the school term and a holiday program is run during the school holidays. The program is not compulsory and children of any age are welcome to stay in the service.