Order and pay for your Six Steps to Talking About Jesus book by selecting the Growth Group that you attend below.


Annie Zachariah Monday Bible Study

Kat Ollis Monday Night Group

Dirk (Men’s Fellowship – Tues am) and Lesley Spann (Tues am)

Willem Agenbach (Tuesday pm)

Chris Chong (Tuesday pm)

KK Yaw (Wed pm)

Justin Tan (Wed pm)

 Kat Ollis (Ladies – Thurs am)

YGC (Shawn Tan – Thurs pm)

Vincent Lee (Bull Creek Connect – Thurs pm)

Brian Wong (Fri pm)

Manian Thambu (Fri pm)

Mitch Leau (Fri pm)

Shawn Tan (Sat am)

Evan Howard (Bull Creek Youth – Fri PM)


I am not currently in a Bible Growth Group but would like to order a book