Suspension of Public Gatherings & How Ministry Continues

Dear WPCBC family

Yesterday, with input from our medical professionals and in line with many churches across Australia, we made the decision to suspend all public gatherings with immediate effect and until further notice. This includes all official WPCBC activities such as youth group, Brigades, camps, seniors’ morning teas, bible studies, men’s and women’s breakfasts.

While it might seem like overkill to some, this decision is driven by love for others and their wellbeing. We can’t be certain about where our city will end up with this pandemic, thus it is best to take strong steps toward limiting community spread of infection.

This decision raises the important question of how it will affect our spiritual lives.
As a “holy nation” (1 Peter 2v9) we are meant to be together. In Hebrews 10v24-25 we are commanded to gather so that we might encourage one another in our Christian lives.
It is because we recognise the importance of being regularly gathered under God’s word that we will continue with ministry in different ways.

In due course I will send out further information on how we will function as a church in these unusual times. For now, please take note of the following:

1. Sundays
We are continuing online. Sundays will now expressly run through the live streaming link on our website. Each service will run for an hour. The only people in the building will be those involved in delivering what you hear at home (or wherever you are with your device). Online services are as follows:

9.30am for Sunday mornings
4.00pm for Sunday afternoons (Indonesian)
6.30pm for Sunday evenings.

Here is the link to live streaming on our website (no password is required):

2. Midweek ministries
Your pastors are meeting to work out ways to help us all with input during the week as well as with ways in which to encourage one another. More information in due course.

3. Care for the elderly and those shut in
The deacons are working on a system to provide help to those who are debilitated because of the pandemic. It is biblical that our relatives provide help in the first instance but the church family also looks after one another. We will provide more information in due course and will ask for expressions of interest in offering help.

Lastly, let us remember that the Lord is in control. Consider these words from Keith Mathison:

The world is fearful and anxious, but it is fearful and anxious about the wrong things. The world is fearful about the economy. The world is fearful about retirement accounts. The world is fearful about natural disasters and man-made disasters. The world is fearful of terrorism, and the world is fearful of diseases like the coronavirus. The world, however, is not fearful of God. Jesus tells us that we are not to fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead we are to fear God who can destroy both (Matt. 10:28).

If you are a believer, you have nothing to fear, for you are under the care of the One who rules all things and who loves you so much that He gave up His life on the Cross so that you can live eternally.

I write this to you all on behalf of the officers of our church expressing our deep concern for each one of you. Our prayer is that our Heavenly Father will keep you well physically and, more importantly, spiritually.

With Christian love

Craig along with the WPCBC officers