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When you come on Sunday, please note the following:

• Come early, in time to be seated 10 minutes before the service begins.

• Use hand sanitizer. It will be available near the entry door.

• Ensure your name is marked off the attendance sheet and then proceed directly to the auditorium or hall

• When you are seated, ensure there is a space between your family and others of 1.5m or about 2 empty chairs. Please do not sit in rows that are blocked off.

• Bring your own Bible

• We can only allow people to sing if they are wearing a mask. You can choose to sing, wearing a mask, or to just listen to the singing from the front. Some masks available, but please bring your own if you have one.

• Be aware of the camera for video streaming. It is on the sound desk. Please do not walk in front of it during the service.

• There will be no morning tea or supper at this stage.

• There will be no News Notes distributed – we will continue to email service information on Fridays

• Be aware of keeping 1.5m away from other people at all times, particularly when you are entering or leaving the building.

• Please do not come if you are unwell, even if you have registered!