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What we Believe

The Westminster Presbyterian Church looks only to the Bible for the truth about God, creation, and humankind. In general, we hold to these truths:

  1. The centrality of God in all things – he is the ruler and sustainer of all creation. He is completely sovereign over all His creation.
  2. The Bible is God’s inspired Word to the world and contains no errors – it is absolutely reliable.
  3. Humankind is rebellious toward God at heart.
  4. God is holy and just and must punish human rebellion. We all therefore naturally face death and judgement.
  5. In the person of Jesus Christ and his death on the Cross, God has provided salvation from judgement to all who put their faith in Jesus and his death. (for more see ‘Two Ways to Live’)

We are firmly anchored in the Reformed tradition and regard the Westminster Confession of Faith to be a faithful interpretation of the Bible.