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19 November, 2017

God Out Of The Box

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2 Samuel 6
AM Service: We often think of God as someone who can be manipulated, molded according to our requests and needs. How wrong we are. God is a consuming fire, a powerful person, beyond our imagination. See what happens in 2 Samuel 6 as people defy God's commands.


  1. Hey Matty,
    I don’t normally comment on sermons (online at least) but this was just excellent. There are many wonderful truths in what you said and so much to consider, but I wanted you to know that I (and I’m sure many others) at least heard and understood these things:

    – For man to approach God there must be blood.
    – Between humanity and divinity, there must be a wall.
    – Unless we approach God on His terms and there’s a death in place of our death, then it’s our death we face.

    – It’s imperative that I don’t view the Son of God as a ‘bobble head Jesus, just bobbing his head on the dashboard of my life’.
    – It is essential that I see the new Thor movie 😬

    Seriously though, you know when people say, ‘I think that sermon was written for me’? Yeah, I think you had me in mind with –
    ‘We gorge ourselves on the cookies of contentment that will never satisfy and then we’re left with no palate for the delight of the Lord’. Solid gold maestro! 👍
    I will certainly be giving this one extra thought and prayer today….

    Thanks for articulating the truth in the way you do Matt. Its always insightful and thought provoking (not to mention entertaining 😉) and I actually do appreciate you lovingly prompting me to re-evaluate my wickedness 😩

    Have a fabulously blessed week you bbq no show you 🙄…. J

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