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Mission & Mercy

The WPCBC Mission Leadership Team (MLT) supports both local and overseas mission for the special purpose of spreading the Gospel and building disciples by means of evangelistic outreach, works of mercy and supporting individual church planters.

Please pray that God creates love for mission and evangelism in the hearts of many at WPCBC. May the Holy Spirit work in every believer, to live a life as a new creation in Christ. Please pray for all WPC Churches within Australia.

Here is a list of missions that WPCBC supports:

Interserve –

Richie & Myung Brown support translation work in central Asia and nurture Church leaders as the Church grows there. The Church is growing rapidly despite persecution and state obstruction.

MERF (Middle Eastern Reformed Fellowship) –

Pray for MERF with WBM (Westminster Biblical Missions) pray that Christians in Muslim countries will be a daily witness of God’s love and truth. Pray for protection from danger.

Student Y

A mission in South Africa, doing evangelism and discipleship on University campuses in Cape Town. Praise God for his provision for campus workers Hilary, Darlington and Joshua.

Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global Australia Kununurra)

Broadcasting across Asia and the Pacific: Pray for provision of a general manager. We give thanks that there is a new broadcasting facility now in use.

Curtin Christian Union –

Pray for Brad Vigus as he works at the Christian Union and the new student committee as they evangelise the students. Pray also for discernment in understanding the Lord’s plan for them and for their outreach work in Bassendean.


Please pray for Mike and Crystal as they train under Tim & Rosemary Thorburn and Ben Rae to share God’s word among university students. Pray that they would be a holy witness to those around them. Pray also for Steve & Melinda McKerney, Celeste and MCU students.

(We support: Brad Vigus, Tim Thorburn, Steve McKerney & Celeste Boska)

Mustard Seed Foundation in Myanmar, Burma & Hosanna Bible College

Led by Joanna Sanders in Australia and by pastor Timothy in Burma. May the Mustard Seed become a blessing to many people.

FEBC Cambodia –

Larry & Barbara Podmore are Australian Missionaries working in Cambodia. Pray as they reach many with the hope filled and life-giving words of the Gospel.

CAJ – Japan

David & Wendy Marshall who work in Japan with an English Language school. Their 3 boys are Callum, Douglas and Jamie. They are currently in Australia on Home Assignment.


Please pray for Chaplains at Willetton SHS, Rossmoyne SHS and Leeming SHS that they may have opportunities to share the Gospel where children seek to learn about Him as rules for sharing God’s word are growing evermore strict. Pray also for Christian Religious Educators in the WRL area.

YFC Australia –

Pray for John Boska as he comes into contact with youth that he may be a great witness of God’s love. Praise God for the 3 interns last year and for 3 more this year. 

Crossroads Bible Institute –

Pray for this mission as they minister to prisoners in jails. This Outreach is done by correspondence and has been very successful. Pray for love and wisdom for those ministering to prisoners and that the prisoner’s lives may be changed by the love & truth in the Gospel.


Pray for Brendan & Carine and their children for God’s guidance as they plant churches in Ballina, Ireland.

Wycliffe –

  • Pray for Darrel & Margaret Thatcher and for their work to promote Wycliffe Bible translation.
  • Tim & Jane Letcher will be working with the Alyawarr Aboriginal people around Alice Springs to share the Gospel with them and encourage believers. Their young daughter Ruth is with them.

Evangelical Church of Timor Leste

Pray for receptive hearts as the word is taught and that people will gasp the Truth of the Gospel. Pray also that relationships may be built for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Richard Bailey at Canning Vale Community Church

We support the work of Richard Bailey and pray for his wife, TC and his son Dylan as they all engage in ministry at CVCC.

Hellenic Minstry

We pray for and seek to encourage Nico & Bee Bougas as they work to tell and share the Gospel with the Greek people.

Gideons International

The Bible distribution work of the Gideons is quite well-known and we partner with them & pray for them as they continue to hand out God’s Word in Australia & throughout the world.

City Bible Forum

We support Paul Whitfield as he works to spread the Gospel among the city workers in Perth by equipping Believers in the city to share their faith with their co-workers. They also host evangelistic events which provide a platform for believers to share the Gospel with those who don’t know Jesus.

Tom & Margaret Richards in Vanuatu. (

Tom & Margaret are WPC missionaries, working with the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu to teach in the local theological school on Tanna. The children are Sam, Lucy, Tim and Annie.

Bhogpur Childrens Home

Dr. David and Eleanor Fiol came to India in 1964. Their ministry is in Dehradun at the foot hills of the Himalayas. Their ministry looks after 4 children’s homes and 3 educational institutes. There are more than 860 children at Bhogpur Children’s Homes who have very little in this world – little food, clothes and very little in their school. Children belonging to Leprosy parents, orphans and children from poor families are looked after in these homes. The first Home was started in 1945 for ten little boys, in response to a desperate plea of leprous parents, by Dr John C Taylor and his wife form Mission to the World. There are now four Homes in surrounding villages and towns. The largest Home is in Bhogpur where there are more than 400 children. Until recent years, Dr Taylor’s son, Mr Gordon Taylor and his wife were running the Bhogpur Home, but now Dr David Fiol and his wife Eleanor are in charge.

Trinity Theological College –

Pray for Don West as he leads the college and for financial provision in 2015/2016.