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Frequent Questions And Comments

  1. I already give generously to a number of other Christian organisations and charities – I can’t afford to give to the local church as well.

    If you benefit from the ministry of your local church, then it must have the first claim on your giving. The local church community is where the mission of the church begins. If local churches collapse so will the missions out in the world.
  2. I don’t have much of an income – I don’t think I should be asked to give.

    The principle in Scripture is clear – we should all be prepared to give from what God has given us, no matter how small. What matters is our commitment.
  3. I would like my giving to remain anonymous.

    All staff of WPC Bull Creek are required to sign a confidentiality agreement which is strictly adhered to. The Treasurer and members of the Finance Committee adhere to the church’s policy on confidentiality.
  4. The church is always asking for money.

    This is often because God’s people are not giving faithfully leaving the church under resourced. We should not think of the church as “them” verses “us”. The church is not the building, nor the leaders and staff, nor the denomination. The church is all the people of God and all God’s people are meant to be in committed Gospel partnership, sharing the burden of the work (Philippians 1:3- 5).
  5. How will my giving be spent?

    Around April each year, the Finance Committee makes requests to our ministry leaders to start thinking about their funding requirements for the next financial year. When the information is received, the Finance Committee prepares a draft budget which is presented to Session for their approval. At the AGM in August, the budget is then presented to the members for their endorsement.

Giving to the general budget is used for the running costs of the church – for costs such as salaries, maintenance, ministry resources, utility bills and rates etc. Also, over 10% of this goes directly to missions. Please note that any monies given for a specified purpose will only be used for that purpose.

Funds that we have for long service leave provision and stipend reserve fund are invested and the church benefits from the interest earned. The Members of the Finance Committee endeavour to be good stewards of the Lord’s money.

For some time, we have published the weekly offering figures in the News Notes to provide members & adherents with the necessary information that will assist us all to prayerfully consider our giving to the work at Bull Creek.